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Hire Shelley Hofberg for your home or business party, single groups and business organizations, birthday parties and special events. when you host a party in your home, single or business organization of 10 are more is only people , you will receive a free one hour psychic reading on your choose. Shelley will both enlighten and entertain your guest my reading their tarot cards, palms and tea leaves or the crystal ball the cost for your guest when you host a mini party is only $30 per person. For larger home and business parties the cost is $200 for the first 2 hours and $80 each additional hour.


Shelley Hofberg has been a medium since age 7. She has had many paranormal experiences in which she could see beyond the veil of the spirit world to have a direct connection with them. Shelley became a paranormal investigation because she wanted to help those who are experiencing unexplained phenomena that is causing a haunting to occur in their home are business location. Shelley is the founder of Beyond the veil paranormal investigation group which is a group compose of dedicated mediums and psychic research investigators who feel that the humanity of their service is to help those who are experiencing a haunting that needs to be healed. when you first contact us about your situation we will interview you to get details about your haunting. When we come to your home are business we will explore every room to find evidence that needs to be share with you . As part of the paranormal investigation a angle circle will be conducted to connect with the ark angles to help provide spiritual guidance and direction and clear your space my banishing any negitive spirits . we will do a follow up after the investigation to make sure the situation has been resolved.

As part of the paranormal investigation are group of dedicated mediums will conduct and angel circle to call in the archangels to banish and clear the spirits from your space my helping them to cross over. This will help you to heal and have peace of mind.


Shelley has been in communication with the Spirit and Angelic worlds since childhood. She feels the humanity of being a Medium to help those who are dealing with the loss of a loved one with a compassionate heart and the wisdom of spirit. If you know there is a presence or you might hear a voice, if you have received any type of guidance, then Shelley can be the bridge that connects you with spirit world to help you better understand the challenges you are facing on the cross roads of your life. Shelley can reveal relevant messages from your loved one, pets, angels and spirit teachers. Shelley has dedicated her life to experiencing and teaching the mysteries of spirit to those who seek higher wisdom. Shelley is also available to do spirit circles at your business and home.


Shelley can provide you with enlightening classes and workshops on subjects raging from intuitive tarot, channeling your spirit guild, psychic development circle, aura palmistry,past live recall, dream awarness your aura the body of your soul, chakra awarnesss, and intuitive healing. which teaches you how to use colors and crystals as a healing tool. Shelley has dedicated her life to experencing and teaching the mysteries of the powers of psychic intuition and healing. Together we will learn about your psychic healing gifts and the many tools you can use in helping you gain a deeper awareness on hoe to apply their wisdom. Shelley can teach in person are on the internet though vidio if you need more information about these courses contact Shelley for a flyer and course out line.


The Tarot was Shelley frist divination tool that she taught herself at age 16. As a Gifted Clairvoyant shelley has always been able to see pictures and images in her mind eye. The pictures and images on the tarot cards can be interpreted though your higher senses of seeing,feeling and knowing. Shelley will explore many areas of your life that need healing your soulmate,relationships, family, career path, money concerns. In a tarot reading with Shelley you will be more clearer about your present situation.


Have you ever wanted to know how your pets feel about you. The pet psychic circle is and opportunity for your pets to share with you psychic insights about how they feel about you and their home and to receive detail information about them. This information will help you improve the well being of your pets.

Pet psychic Shelley Hofberg has been seen on the Discovery Channel doing a pet psychic reading. Shelley is mentioned as a pet psychic in the book, "The Street Smart Psychic's Guide to Getting a Good Reading" by Lisa Barretta. Shelley is aware of the very special bond of trust that allows a communication exchange between her and your pets. In a pet psychic reading with Shelley, there will be an exchange of information that takes place between Shelley and your pet. As a Pet Psychic, Shelley is open to whatever response the pet wants to share with her about any emotional or behavior issues and health concerns they may have. As a Pet Medium, Shelley can also connect to your pets on the other side. Shelley is very aware that your pets will often react to the loss of a loved one, a health issue or emotionally to any experience that is very upsetting to them. Let Shelley help you to create more of a feeling of well being in your pets.