Psychic Shelley Hofberg

Psychic medium Shelley Hofberg has been clairvoyant for over 30 years. She is highly intuitive and can hone in on your issues and questions. She can see what some of the best probabilities are for you, that lay ahead. She is good at reading into people’s energy. She can pick up on what is going on with you and she can tell you about the messages she gets from your individual angels and guides. She considers herself to be a spiritualist and an instrument for the divine to speak through her.

Shelley is highly accurate which is why she is getting certain messages about your situation. Her decades of experience and keen insight lend a sense of the magical to her very friendly and approachable manner. Shelley is the lead host for the Psychic Horizons Show on

For more information or to schedule a private session please call practitioner Shelley Hofberg at: (818) 744-5241

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